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Named after Rory's first band and opened in May 2004, Klaas & Annet run this wonderful establishment in honour of the great man. Just pop in for a coffee and enjoy the sourroundings. Fender have a 'Custom Shop' where they took Rory's 1961 Strat apart in order to make a replica. One of these limited edition guitars can be seen in the Cafe.

The home of the City's democratic process but far far more important this building is renowned as the place where Rory played some electrifying concerts. We could not wait till Christmas/New Year each year when our Santa came home and I'm not talking about the guy in a red suit. Our Santa wore jeans, checked shirt and carried a Stratocaster. Rory won a talent contest here in 1960 and in 1992 the lord mayor Micheal Martin held a reception for Rory

The Everyman Palace Theatre is a 600-seater venue and Rory thrilled audiences where the closeness of the musicians creates a great atmosphere, Rory played here in 1992 amongst others.

Rory lived with his mother and brother over his grandmother's pub (Roches Bar) which was managed by his uncle, John Roche. The premises no longer exists. The building was altered some time ago but the pub would have been on the site now occupied by Tele-Cabs.

Crowley's Music Shop is owned by Michael Crowley and he sold Rory the Strat(61) in 1963. Michael is still attending to his customers today and is a very interesting man to speak to. In 1963 the shop was across the river on Merchants Quay which is now a new shopping centre. Rory was a frequent visitor to the shop throughout his career and remained friends with Michael who appeared on "Irish Tour 74". There is a plaque on the wall outside the shop stating that Rory lived on this street.

The Ashley Hotel,once known as The Munster Hotel, had at the rear a beat club called "The Cavern". Taste ( Rory, Eric and Norman ) would play there regularly in the early days, 1966-1968

This was the location of St. Kieran's School which Rory attended from 1964 following a 'request' to leave the Christian Brothers School at the North Monastery for allegedly refusing to get his hair cut

He played here a number of occasions. The best know one is "Live at the Cork Opera House" which was recorded in 1987 and NOT 1990 as stated on the recording cover. This gig was broadcast on National Television on New Years Eve 1990.

The Mainly Murder Book Store was once known as The Shambles, a coffee/burger house and Taste played early gigs there. In 1968 a farewell gig was held there to launch their initial trip to Germany.

This was deticated to the memory of Rory by the Cork City Council in 1997. The bronze sculpture in the square is by Geraldine Creedon, a childhood friend of Rory.

One of Rory's trademarks was his checked shirts. He used to buy them in Leaders as they were one of the few shops at the time in Cork selling checked shirts. Leaders had two outlets, a smaller shop on the corner of Castle Street and a larger one on the North Main Street. Owner Catherine Leader reminded us that he also bought some of his Levis there. What was good enough for Rory was good enough for us and we all piled in there to buy our own clothes. Leaders are still trading today.

The Rory Gallagher Music Library is situated at the back of the library and was opened by Mrs Monica Gallagher in October 2004. No doubt librerian Liam Ronayne will welcome visitors to see various memorabilia

The Long Valley Bar is believed to be where Taste was formed. At a meeting the name was agreed because of all three having the same taste in music.

Situated on Patricks Street and now a shopping centre and nightclub Taste supported The Dubliners there in the mid sixties. Ronnie Drew was one of the pallbearer's at the funeral . Ronnie played on "Wheels within Wheels". and recorded one of Rory's songs "Barley and Grape Rag" on one of the Dubliners albums.

Rory's funeral mass was celebrated here in Wilton Church. The church was full and an overflow of fans listened and prayed outside. During the service "A Million Miles Away" was played over the public address system.

The final resting-place is only a few minutes outside the city. The headstone was crafted by Irish Sculpture/Musician Eoin O' Riabhaigh.

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